CSMailForm Demo

First example:

This first example hides the "from" fields from the user. (This example uses MY coolservlets.com email address so PLEASE be resonsible who you send emails to!)

To: (name)  
To: (email) 

Hidden fields:
<input name="fromName" type="hidden" value="Some Dude">
<input name="fromEmail" type="hidden" value="sdude@place.com">
<input name="required" type="hidden" value="toName,toEmail,subject">

Second example:

This example is similiar to the first one but here you can specify who the email is from.
To: (name)    
To: (email)   
From: (name)  
From: (email) 

Third example:

This is probably what you would do if you were using this servlet for some kind of user feedback page.

(This won't actually send an email.)

Fourth example:

This servlet shows nearly all of the fields. Try leaving one of the required fields blank and submit the email. You can also try changing the colors specified below (they define what colors are used in the response page).
To (name):               
To (email):              
From (name):             
From (email):            
CC (name,email | email): 
BCC (name,email| email): 
Required Fields:         
Required Fields Error:   


Response Text:           
Response Title:          
Font Face:               
Font Size:               
Link Back:               
Text Back:               
Background image:        
Background color:        
Text color:              
Link color:              
Visited Link color:      
Active Link color: