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Tigra Status Bar Scroller v1.0 - Demo
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This demo contains two independent Tigra Status Bar Scroller instances: one for title bar and one for status bar, both displaying following message:

 Scrolling Status Bar JavaScript Scrolling Title JavaScript
  • Scroller in tittle bar pauses for 1 second before first "Scrolling" word and a pauses for 3 seconds before second "Scrolling" word. Blinking is configured for Words "Status Bar" and "Title".
  • The Tigra Status Bar Scroller working in title bar blinks with the second word of JavaScript
External Control

Tigra Status Bar Scroller can be controlled via external javascript calls. Use buttons below to pause and resume the scrollers.

Getting Started

The script is really easy to setup. To see an example just open this document with plain text editor and find comments. Didn't it help? Ask for help in Product Forum.

Let us know about your experience with Tigra Status Bar Scroller

We like to hear from you. Please, let us know what do you like about the script and what needs to be improved. We will not rest until our every customer is completely satisfied. Some testimonies may be published on the product page.

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