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Tigra Scroller v1.5 - Demo #4  
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Vertical, Autoscroll Mode

Horizontal, On-demand Mode

The first scroller above demonstrates autoscroll mode. Put mouse pointer over the box to stop scrolling. Content being scrolled is taken from two external HTML files. The second scroller demonstrates on-demand mode. The content is scrolled when mouse is over one of the scroll buttons.

Saves the space on the page - With Tigra Scroller there is always enough space for the content you want on your site. Hot news, events, slide shows, ads - everything can fit without destroying your design idea.

Attracts visitor's attention - Make sure your visitors read hot content immediately after page loads. With Tigra Scroller text and images are presented in a natural way for easy reading.

Professional Look - With this simple to install and maintain widget your site can look really cool.

Tigra Scroller PRO additionally offers:
  • Widest browser support on the market (4.x+)
  • Amazing transition effects (IE5+)
  • Popup scrolling controls
  • External scrolling controls
  • Configurable gap between scrolling items
  • Advanced auto mode: pause, resume, next, previous controls
  • Free setup support, free product updates, discounts for other products
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